My teaching philosophy closely follows Carl Rogers, who said “How can I provide a relationship which this person may use for their own personal growth?” Jazz legend and pedagogue Butch Morris would often challenge his students’ imaginations, directing and empowering them to “Have an idea!” and “If you’re a student of music and you don’t have a question, you’re in trouble.” With this in mind, my teaching and learning philosophy rests on three principle actions: Exploration, Enaction, and Articulation. Influenced by James Gibson’s ecological psychology, and Christopher Smalls’ notion of musicking, I aim to guide my students to make conscious contact with their embodied knowledge, and nurture their growth into fully integrated musicians.


2019-21 Harvard University, Mind-Brain-Behavior Initiative | Cambridge, MA
Teaching Fellow | The Role of Music in Health and Education, Creativity & Healing in Medicine & Music  

2019-21 Northeastern University, Department of Music | Boston, MA
Instructor | Music Analysis Seminar, Music in Everyday Life  

2018-19 Kutztown University, Department of Music | Kutztown, PA 
Full-time Instructor, Scholar-In-Residence (18 units)

2016-17  Chapman University, Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music | Orange, CA
Adjunct Professor | Psychology of Music 

2015-18  University of California, San Diego, Department of Music | San Diego, CA 
Associate Instructor, Teaching Assistant (40 units)

2012-13  Life Pacific College | San Dimas, CA 
Adjunct professor (9 units)

2011-13   Azusa Pacific University, School of Music | Azusa, CA 
Adjunct professor (40 units)

Courses Taught (as instructor of record) | Total of 101 units (1/2021)

  • Theory/Harmony 
  • Music of the 20th Century|UC San Diego, W2017 (Syllabus)
  • Psychology of Music Graduate| Kutztown University, S2019 (Syllabus)
  • Undergraduate| Hall-Musco Conservatory at Chapman Univ. F2016/17 (Syllabus, Course Evaluation)
  • The Role of Music in Health and Education | Harvard University, F2019 (Teaching Fellow) F2019 (Syllabus)
  • Hip Hop Music and Culture| Kutztown University, S2019 (Syllabus)
  • Film Music| UC San Diego, S2017 (Syllabus, Course Evaluation)
  • Keyboard|Life Pacific College, S2013
  • Applied Composition|Azusa Pacific University, S2013
  • Intro. to Music Literature |Kutztown University, F2018 (Syllabus, Course Evaluation)
  • Intro. to Music Technology | Life Pacific College, F2012 (Syllabus)
  • Fundamentals of Music Business| (Syllabus)

Courses as T/A

  • Sight Singing I/II
  • Hip Hop Music and Culture
  • Dub to Dubstep
  • Michael Jackson
  • Indie and Punk Music
  • 20th Century Music Literature